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Data Conversion

Digitizing Services- Raster to Vector Conversions 

Overview- CAD & GIS Digitizing

Computer Aided Drafting/Design (CAD) on-screen digitization is the conversion of drawings, maps, plans, etc., into a file that is ready for use in CAD or GIS software systems. The effect is a file separated into layers with standard, recognizable entities (such as walls, windows, roads, rivers, etc.). This allows for features to be changed, copied, or deleted with no effort required by the client to prepare it.

Digital Data Services creates drawings for virtually any CAD or GIS package. Many companies outsource CAD conversion projects to specialists. When it comes to CAD conversion, DDS is hands-down the best in the industry. We have developed processes that are 5 to 10 times quicker than traditional means of conversion, such as board digitizing or redraw. Via our efficient CAD conversion process, not only will you receive quality and a greater return on your investment, you will save precious time.

Map Digitizing

DDS specializes in the conversion of maps into fully editable vector files. The result is a file separated into layers (i.e. contours, transportation, hydrography, and public land survey information, etc.). The contours are assigned elevation values, and projected precisely to your specifications. If the map needs to be integrated with existing data, the data is rubbersheeted to control points.

  • Utility Maps
  • Parcel Maps
  • Seismic Data
  • Contour Maps
  • Geologic Maps
  • Piping Drawings
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Well Location Drawings

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