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The Regional Municipality of York, also called York Region, is a regional municipality in Southern Ontario, Canada, between Lake Simcoe and Toronto. The region includes many hectares of protected Greenbelt, and is part of the Greater Toronto Area and the inner ring of the Golden Horseshoe. .York Region works to provide residents and businesses access to a broad selection of services and resources.

YorkMaps, the York Region interactive web mapping site, offers regional, internal and external users a large collection of self-service mapping tools. YorkMaps provides an easy, single point of access to parcels, addresses, current and historical aerial imagery, roads, and many other trusted regional datasets. Over the past few years, YorkMaps applications have been migrated to the Geocortex Essentials framework making the information accessible on mobile devices and increasing their compliance with AODA regulations.

Geocortex Essentials Solutions

Town of Windsor, Colorado

WING- Geocortex Essentials web map application showing a base map with Google Earth street view.


In August of 2015 the York Region GISB was looking for professional services to enhance and upgrade the Property Viewer to the most recent version of Geocortex Essential platform and improve the user experience by addressing the gaps identified during the review process. One essential item of improvement was to generate new tools in the Property Viewer to improve accessibility to parcel records within the Geocortex web map application.

Geocortex Essentials Solutions

Generate a Mailing List from the Web Map

The web map application generates a report of addresses when selecting an area by a buffer distance. The report can be downloaded in a Microsoft Excel format.


York Region commissioned Digital Data Services (DDS) for assistance in Geocortex implementation and customization to enhance its current YorkMap Property Viewer. DDS created simplified workflows for the user, enabling them to locate property information via a web based map in a timely and efficient manner. DDS deployed several base maps in the application as a Web Map Service (WMS) including York Region historic aerial photographs, Bing maps and imagery, parcel data, and property related content. Additionally, several tools were developed in the web map application that enabled the user to search by address, PIN, legal description, owner name, land title details, tax assessor details, water and sewer servicing, and details regarding the structures contained within the parcel(s). Predefined fields were generated as part of the user workflow, and a tool was added to add shape (.shp) files from the local computer or network in the viewer and select the parcels intersected by the shape file. Outputting the results from the YorkMap web map viewer was also was improved through the enhancement of printing and reporting capabilities. This included the ability for a user to print a map in the view that they were in, and include on that map a north arrow, scale bar, current date, notes, map title, background image, and a legend. These maps could then be exported to the user's computer in common image formats such as PDF, PNG, of JPG. By utilizing DDS's Geocortex implementation service, the York Region was able to quickly deploy an enhanced version of their existing web map application in a cost-effective manner. Documentation of all custom and configured tools, workflows, reports and styles were delivered to the client to assist them in current or future Geocortex Essentials development needs.

Geocortex Essentials Solutions

Exporting Maps from the Web Map Application

The Geocortex Essentials web map application allows for exporting high resolution maps for printing and distribution outside of the browser. The maps are exported into common formats such as PDF, JPG, and PNG.


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