Key Personnel


Dave Carter

Principal - Director of Geospatial Solutions

Mr. Carter has over 20 years of information technology experience with special emphasis on software development, databases, and Geographic Information Systems. Contributes technical expertise to optimize computer use, improve production techniques, creation of GIS systems, production of GIS projects, and implementation other technology solutions. Other capacities include production management, GIS consulting, and Government procurement specialist.

Software skills: ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, AutoCAD, Geocortex Essentials, Geocortex HTML5, GeoKettle, GeoServer, Global Mapper, FME Desktop (Safe Software), MapInfo, MapServer, Python, QGIS, Visual Studio, X Tools Pro

Tom Neer

Principal - Project Manager

Mr. Neer is a cartographer with over 18 years of project experience integrating Geographic Information Systems for a variety of industries. He leverages this knowledge to analyze and present spatial concepts and relationships for a variety of media. Mr. Neer’s experience spans support and implementation for land planning, resource planning, business, oil and gas, communication, electric (coal, wind, solar, transmission), NEPA, and federal, state, and local government projects.

Software skills: Adobe Creative Suite, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, Geocortex Essentials, Global Mapper, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL / PostGIS, Python, QGIS, Visual Studio

James Freeman

Director of Production

Mr. Freeman has been with Digital Data Services since October 2000. His main duties include project management, GIS and AutoCAD related projects. Projects have included civil, environmental, architectural, graphical, and mechanical applications for state, federal, county, city agencies, private companies and individuals. Some of the companies that Mr. Freeman has completed projects for include the United States Geological Survey, United States Forest Service, the National Park Service, and the Bureau of Land Management.

Software skills: ArcGIS Desktop, AutoCAD, Geocortex Essentials, Global Mapper, CorelDraw, MapInfo, MicroStation

Zack Robison

Geospatial Application Developer

Mr. Robison is a geospatial application developer at Digital Data Services, Inc., (DDS). He has a bachelor’s degree in geography with an emphasis in GIS, and brings experience in web design, software development, and GIS management. Mr. Robison has implemented web solutions for oil and gas, retail, and local government projects. Zack is versed in many programming languages including CSS3, HTML5, FLEX, JavaScript (jQuery, Dojo, JSON), Python, SQL, and XML.

Software skills: Adobe Create Suite, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, ENVI, ERDAS Imagine, Geocortex Essentials, GIMP, Global Mapper, Microsoft Office, QGIS, SPSS, Visual Studio

David Hubertus

Application Developer

Mr. Hubertus has been with Digital Data Services (DDS) since September 2017. He has completed over 1,500 hours of software development training with the Turing School of Software and Design​ in Denver, CO.  David also holds bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and secondary education.  

Mr. Hubertus is a skillful Software Developer with a persistent craving to learn.  From his time with DDS and previously as a Developer and Chemist, he has a passion for innovation, design, problem solving, and data analytics.

Software Skills: Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, JavaScript, Leaflet, HTML5 / Canvas, PostgreSQL, CSS3 / Sass , React / Redux / Router, jQuery, Node / Express / Knex, TDD / Mocha / Chai / Enzyme, and Visual Studio.

Pete Skull

Senior Application Developer

Mr. Skull is a senior application developer, who joined Digital Data Services, Inc. (DDS) in 2015. He has a bachelor’s of science in computer science and mathematics. Mr. Skull is highly proficient in C#, C++, C, Java, Python, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, and XML languages; .NET, Win32 SDK, and WPF libraries. He has written several custom modules, dll’s, and workflows for use within the Geocortex framework to enhance the system’s functionality and end user experience.

Software skills: Eclipse, Geocortex Essentials, GitHub, Visual Studio