Maperture- Web Based Map Applications Quick Overview

Maperture- Web Based Map Applications Quick Overview

Maperture® is a web-based solution that integrates spatial data with non-spatial information, such as spreadsheets, databases, and/or documents. We leverage the same core data to create user-friendly views simple enough for the layman and powerful enough for the analyst. Maperture® provides your company with new ways to explore, analyze, and manage data assets, resulting in efficient workflows, collaboration, and improved productivity.

Powered by Geocortex Essentials and Esri ArcGIS Server technologies, Maperture® allows users to query public domain or subscription-based data, analyze the information, generate reports, print maps, and access the information from any location via a desktop browser or mobile device. This exciting technology presents valuable information in a custom-built interface specialized to a customer's needs. Maperture® minimizes the need for desktop GIS and puts the power of mapping into the hands of executive level decision makers through its easy to use "wizard" interface.

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