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Rio Tinto Minerals- U.S. Borax



Rio Tinto Minerals (RTM) U.S. Borax, is a leading international mining group.  As a world leader in site location, mining, and processing the Earth's mineral resources; their products help fulfill vital consumer needs and improve living standards.  U.S. Borax is a member of the Rio Tinto group and operates California's largest open pit mine in Boron, California; one of the richest borate deposits on the planet.

Web based mining solutions Rio Tinto

  Owens Lake, CA Mine Site


RTM required a web based GIS application and GIS database to manage their properties, leases, mining claims, and other vital information.  At the time RTM was utilizing paper maps, excel spreadsheets, and other methods to manage their lands.  RTM approached Digital Data Services to build them a custom web based mapping application to quickly manage their assets.

Web mapping applications Rio Tinto

  Owens Lake Property with PLS Data


DDS built a custom web map application utilizing Geocortex Essentials' technology. RTM then incorporated several new Rio Tinto data models to create consistency across properties.   The Geocortex Essentials web map application also included a mobile site, which enabled field workers to access the geospatial information and update ground collected features via their mobile devices.   Other features of the application included dynamic map making, custom searches, dynamic contour creation, e-mail notifications of lease expirations, and secured access to the datasets.

The RTM web mapping application saved RTM time and money.  The web map application was specifically designed for RTM allowing for multiple departments, including GIS and non-GIS personnel, to quickly and effectively manage RTM land as well as its resources.


  • Conversion of Various Datasets into GIS
  • Deploying Geospatial for Multiple Department and Users
  • Development of Custom Tools to Integrate with Existing Software and Workflows Information into Current Software Technologies