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Gulf Power- Power Generation Asset Management and Planning



Gulf Power is a major electric utility company which serves over 420,000 customers in 71 towns and communities throughout Northwest Florida. Transmission Alignment Sheets in ArcGIS Problem Power generation and transmission service groups are recognizing the importance of GIS analysis for asset management, environmental studies, market assessment, and right of way management.

GIS Solutions for Utilities

  Georeferenced Alignment Sheets


Gulf Power possessed over 2,100 hard-copy utility transmission line maps that needed to be put into a GIS system for future analysis, including an Aerial Imagery Base and Alignment Sheets in a ArcGIS Solution.

GIS Solutions for Utilities

  Alignment Sheets with Aerial Base


Digital Data Services converted these hard-copy maps into a GIS environment. Gulf Power can now quickly determine where their current right-of-ways are, where the substations lie, and the location of a transmission line input voltage based on the size of the area served. This dataset was also used to manage right-of-way activities including planning and management, property appraisal, property acquisition, property/asset management, asset relocation, vegetation management, and corridor preservation. Ability to analyze critical information within a GIS environment assists in NEPA management decisions and aids in asset management.


  • Conversion of Various Datasets into GIS
  • Quickly Analyze Critical Information and Determine Crucial Locations and Right-of-Ways
  • Planning and Management, Property Appraisal, Acquisition and Property/Asset Management, Asset Relocation, and Corridor Preservation