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Information Handling Services (IHS) offers products and solutions for all aspects of oil and gas asset management workflow from strategic planning through exploration, production and delivery.

Well Data Solutions in GIS

  The IHS Well Database


The IHS Well Database is the largest, most comprehensive U.S. well database, accounting for virtually every well drilled and produced back to 1859. IHS approached Digital Data Services with a need to populate over 3.5 million petroleum well locations with their appropriate surface elevation values. Surface elevation values in well databases are important information to aid in the analysis of well depths against approximate surface heights.

Well Data Solutions in GIS

  Well Data in ArcGIS


Through the utilization of DDS's internal high resolution elevation datatsets, a spatial join was created linking the client supplied well data to the elevation dataset. By doing this, DDS was able to automatically assign the wells an elevation attribute based on their spatial location. The delivered database now contained a field titled "elevation" with the appropriate surface elevation shown in feet. This well information is used by Geologists, Engineers, and GeoTechnicians in the comprehensive understanding of a well's history, along with complete details on surrounding wells.


  • Comparing and Analyzing Multiple Spatial Datasets
  • File to File Translation and Conversion
  • Utilization of "In-House" Datasets to Perform GIS Analysis