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Divestco USA- Building a Uniform Survey Dataset



Divestco USA is an exploration services company which provides a comprehensive suite of data and analytical tools to enable engineers, geo-scientists, financial analysts, service companies, and others involved in the oil and gas industry to make faster and better informed decisions.

Public Land Survey Data in GIS

  Status Map Showing Source Data


Divestco USA was in need of a universal, large scale (1:24,000) Public Land Survey GIS dataset. Digital Data Services was tasked to digitize, attribute, and deliver a polygonal Public Land Survey System (PLSS) .shp file and SDE coverage for all USGS surveyed areas in the United States.

Public Land Survey Data in GIS

  Finished Product in ArcGIS


PLSS grid in a GIS environment aids in locating the boundaries of oil and gas leases, and properties. The delivered dataset was incorporated into Divestco's GeoCarta land mapping, lease mapping, well spotting, and GIS query software.




  • Conversion and Matching of Different Source Data into a Uniform Dataset
  • File to File Translation and Conversion
  • Example of a Large Scale Data Conversion Project