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Bass-Trigon- Pipeline Solutions in GIS



Bass-Trigon Software LLC, now part of American Innovations, designs and develops software for integrity management, risk assessment, pipeline compliance, and corrosion data management.

Pipeline solutions in GIS

  Pipeline Sheet in AutoCAD


The company obtained large quantities of pipeline information from their customers to facilitate analyses of pipeline systems. Because the data was in various formats, including paper and AutoCAD, the company contracted Digital Data Services to provide solutions that would deliver uniform and accurate pipeline information.

Pipeline solutions in GIS

  Pipelines in ESRI ArcMap


DDS converted these different datasets into one uniform pipeline coverage, allowing linear referencing (stationing) within the Esri GIS environment. The solution also allowed the company to collect and store ongoing information regarding pipeline facilities; both inline and physical inspection histories; regulatory compliance information; risk assessment studies; work history events; and geographic information, such as environmentally sensitive areas, political boundaries (e.g., state and county), right-of-way boundaries, and various types of crossings.


  • Ability to Analyze Critical Information within a GIS Environment
  • Assists in Regulatory Compliance
  • Aids in Risk Assessment Studies