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Colorado Geological Survey- Historic Mines in GIS



The Colorado Geological Survey has been involved in characterizing abandoned mine lands in Colorado. Across the state, there are an estimated 23,000 abandoned mine sites on both public and private land. These abandoned mines have a legacy of hazards ranging from environmental issues like water quality degradation and increased sedimentation, to physical hazards associated with the mines themselves.

Mining Underground Workings in GIS

  Morley Mine Workings with Original Map


Colorado State Engineers needed a method to assist in locating, mitigating, and reclaiming the most hazardous abandoned mine sites. The location of these mines and their related underground workings existed only in paper format.

Mining Underground Workings in GIS

  Morley Mine Workings in GIS


Digital Data Services consulted CGS to convert all hard-copy documents, along with additional surveyed data, into a GIS mapping system, so that the approximate location of the mines would be readily available and analyzed with current aerial photography, land planning, and land use maps.  The geospatial data of the underground workings provides vital information for engineers, scientists, community and transportation planners, developers, and regulators for making decisions on land use development, property purchase, and environmental protection. The information also served as baselines for a more focused and effective response to a disaster area should a collapse occur.


  • Analysis of Historic Information
  • Metadata- Creates Lineage of Data
  • Aids in Disaster Response & Planning