Geocortex Time Slider Component JavaScript Library

Denver, CO USA – 2016-04-21 – The Digital Data Services, Inc. (DDS) team is pleased to announce the release of Geocortex Time Slider component. This free JavaScript library that adds the ability to embed a 'Time Slider' widget within your Geocortex Viewer for HTML5.

The Time Slider widget enables you to view temporal layers in a Map and to see how the layer data changes over time. Using this widget, you can play or pause the temporal animation of the data, go to a previous time period, or advance to the next time period.

A demo video is available at For more information and to download the JavaScript Library, please visit:

In additional to the standard functionality provided by similar Esri or Silverlight-based widgets, the Digital Data Services Time Slider widget for the HTML5 Viewer also allows you to:

  • Drag and place the widget anywhere on the map
  • Horizontally resize the widget - expanding or compacting the Time Slider view in real-time
  • Temporarily close and reopen the widget - giving you the ability to hide the Time Slider when it is not actively being used
  • Statically or dynamically configure the temporal boundaries (year range) to adjust to changing time-aware Layer content
  • Automatically persist the widget's properties and settings (such as its position, visibility, and temporal range) - so that your Time Slider preferences are retained when a Geocortex session is closed and reopened

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